How to Choose a Snow Blower – Tips to Consider

For many years now, snow blowers have taken the position of snow shovels in clearing snow. It seems necessary to have a snowblower if you need to work off snow with ease in some areas like steep driveways and many other places in critical condition.

It is, therefore, a nice idea to find out the tips for choosing a snowblower so that it is easy to land on the right snow blower depending on the condition of the area you are to clear snow from.

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Features to Consider When Buying a Snow Blower


Many snow blowers have this feature. It is important to because it is easy to start your snowblower by just plugging it into a standard outlet. It is important to consider one with this feature.


A snowblower with a speed adjustment option is easy to use on any topography since it is useful in manipulating the blower when working on snow.

A two-stage gas model is often the best in speed adjustment. It usually has 5 to 7 different forward speeds that are adjustable to the condition of the area you are working in.


Talking of handles, it is important to consider one with handles that fit your height and are easy to maneuver with. Some have an added feature of heated grips which is very nice, considering that you will be working in the cold for a long time.


This feature is important to consider when choosing a blower since they vary so much. Most blowers’ clearing width ranges from 12″ to 45″.That means you have to choose one that suits your driveway since the clearing width determines how many walks you might need to move before all the snow is cleared.

Types of Snow Blowers to Consider


These are mostly suitable for light snow clearing. They have a power cord that sometimes might limit the working length. 

This snow blower type is compact therefore easy to maneuver and store. It is quite a powerful type throwing snow up to 25 feet and capable of clearing snow on an 11″ to18″ path per walk, accumulating up to 4″


These ones are capable of throwing snow up to 35 feet. They are quite heavier than the electric ones and can clear up to a path of 20-22″ per walk. However, they are Mediocre pullers and can, therefore, work in fluffy snow and small to midsize driveways.

They are relatively compact and easy to store. They run on a mixture of oil and gas with an electric start. They cannot work on gravel driveways.


Two-stage gas blowers are heavy machines with engine-driven wheels and can work on steep inclines and heavy snow. They are quite expensive since they consume more fuel than single-stage ones. They are large enough to throw snow up to 50 feet with the power to clear up to a 28-30″ path per walk. They may be cumbersome in terms of storage but they work better on heavy snow loads.


Choosing the right machine for snow blowing depends on many factors that surround the conditions of the area you are working in, in comparison to the features that different snowblowers present.

The above tips for choosing a snowblower may go a long way in helping you find the right one for the job.